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Creative Aquatic is an organisation that was established in early 2012 by multi award winning swimming teacher and coach Simone Benhayon. With over 13 years of teaching experience in both Austra­lia and the UK, Simone has embarked upon a path of changing the face of swimming to enhance the experience of swimming for both learners and experienced swimmers.
Creative Aquatic’s ethos being
'Fun Swim Fun' means that swimming is first and fore­most about fun in the water, which then de­velops a safety and a love that will then transfer through to each individual’s life.
Each child and adult is taught the fundamentals of swimming and water safety through innova­tive ways and relationship building with each pupil throughout the lessons, resulting in ex­traordinary outcomes in short periods of time.
In 2013 Creative Aquatic was awarded Swim School of the Year in the UK after only 18 months of business, as we ensure that ev­ery visit is about the quality of service each child, family, teacher or parent is receiving.
The Creative Aquatic pool is 15 metres long by 5 metres wide and is consistently kept at 33-34 degrees to support a relaxing and enjoyable environment.
The deep end of the pool measures to 1.5 metres, and there are lockers for use on poolside. A disabled changing room, toilet and shower is also available to use, situated at the end of our 4 cubicles, toilet and shared shower.

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