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Creative Aquatic is a multi award winning swim school with a specilised and unique approach to learning to swim that actually begins with building relationships with the children and families first and foremost. The philosophy of the swim school is one that learning to swim is not a progression through learning to survive or pure function. As if the driving force is to learning how to simply survive in and around water the outcome will be that swimming is fear and panic based in addition to it not being enjoyed or even the inability to use the skill of swimming in states of danger. In all lessons there is the understanding that what is being taught is more than a skill it is an experience that will shape the rest of that their life. Being able to be in the water enjoy, relax and have fun is a true gift that most actually do not experience. It is widely known that swimming is a life skill but a life skill is more than what to do if in danger but one that we take to each generation as a skill that is about enjoyment, love and fun naturally building participation and supporting the body at the same time.  Over the past 14 years owner of Creative Aquatic, Simone Benhayon has developed a way of teaching children and adults that has changed people’s lives. All by changing the way swimming is approached in the water.


Creative Aquatic instructors all teach from inside the water, to provide hands on approach to the children’s learning development. Creating the lessons to be about fun and connection which as a result naturally teachers the children water safety.


At Creative Aquatic the skeleton of the lesson structure follows the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) specilaised techniques and tools that have been developed through years of experienced teaching to establish the best methods that will enable the learner to grasp the swimming faster.


Evidence of our exemplary approach and dedication to each child on the swim scheme  2013 Creative Aquatic was awarded “ASA Swimtastic Swim School of the YEAR”.


The structure of the classes at Creative Aquatic are small in pupil sizes to ensure all children get the required attention making lessons more enjoyable on a weekly basis also ensuring water safety.


We offer lessons for children from 3 years old following the ASA swimming stages 1 to 10 in addition to ; specialist classes such as Rookie Lifeguard and Mini Squad are offered to those who have completed 8 of the 10 





- Been having school swimming lessons since year 1 now in year 6 at middle school. 

- Cannot swim, 

- Can not put face into the water, 

- Can not blow bubbles

AFTER 2 weeks of lessons

- Can put face in water with ease

- Can comfortably blow bubbles

- Can swim 25metres front crawl

- Can Swim 25metres Back stroke

- Can Jump into the water

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