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Simone Benhayon has been teaching swimming for over 20 years in various countries around the world as well as establishing her own business and Swim School in the United Kingdom - Creative Aquatic.
Her Focus in teaching has been about changing how swimming is approached to ensure that everyone, no matter the age, develop an open affinity with and for the water rather than ‘swimming’ being a fear-based survival activity. Through her lessons she teaches from a place of building joyous correlation, that is, to build a relationship with water so that fun and steady development and not mere survival become the key leading associations.
In addition, Simone is internationally unique in her teaching style and method with regard to breathing techniques, rhythms and patterns that lead to a complete revelation and understanding of true movement in water.
To date and throughout her career Simone has established programs across the world, training and imparting on her unique swimming techniques to swim-teachers through to school-teachers.
Simone demonstrates meticulous care in her innovative teaching principles.  With all of these qualities and skills, she imparts her love of swimming and the importance of developing teachers to understand that water can be about fun and through this fundamental – fun - a greater awareness of the water can be developed and truly enjoyed, life-long.



Creative Aquatic (launched by Simone in 2012) currently operates a full daily swim scheme. As a testimony of the demand for her services there is twice the capacity of her already large swim school on a waiting list. Integrated in this Simone works with schools, hospitals, doctors and allied medical professionals to change the way swimming is approached and has developed several community initiatives in this regard. 


When speaking with anyone about their experience with Simone and her way of teaching the commonality centres itself on the amazement and the uniqueness; as many have expressed “it is like watching magic happen in front of your eyes”. Simone is renowned for having the ability to take a non-swimmer, child or adult with fear of water, and have them comfortable and moving through water within 30 minutes.  


This is the beginning of a snapshot of the depth of wisdom, dedication, passion and enthusiasm one woman has for supporting the growth of people within the medium known as swimming.

As a nationally recognised and accredited swimming teacher Simone Benhayon holds International qualifications.

Simone’s expertise includes managing a large Leisure Centre Swim Scheme in the United Kingdom. In addition to presenting and teaching internationally in over 10 countries worldwide, covering 4 main continents, launched and initiated pioneering research study on breathing and quality of swimming. 


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