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At Creative Aquatic it doesn't matter whether you are a complete beginner or an confident swimmer, we have individually tailored programmes to help you achieve what you want in the water.


This is a personalised session to accommodate and support the rehabilitation needs of each individual client.


For those who seek expert support on refining stroke techniques, improving speed, building strength and boosting stamina. 


Perfect for total non-swimmers who find it difficult to swim a length or put their face in the water.



For those who are confident swimming breaststroke but would swim would like to swim a smooth, fluid front crawl.

Ideal for those who have a basic understanding of swimming but struggle with knowing how to move forward with their stamina. 



Learnt to swim in school swimming at 12 years old. The pool was cold, unbearable at times and the teachers were ruthless. Most of the time was spent coughing and spluttering as he couldn’t breathe, so naturally he devised a way of survival swimming whilst being terrified of the water.


Joined the police force and was required to swim and rescue, so again worked out a way of swimming where he wouldn’t have to breathe for long distances and would spend a lot of his time on his side rather than doing any recognisable stroke. The times that he was made to do front crawl he would end up with muscle spasms and problems with his neck and back due to the intensity of how he was swimming in the water. He then developed fibromyalgia and can not run any more but needs to do exercise so wanted to tackle his fear of water and not being able to breathe.

After 1 lesson of 30 minutes he was breathing to the side, in and out of his nose, no tension, no struggle or pain and swimming 15 metres of front crawl.

62 year old Male, 


Creative Aquatic's adult lessons are very popular and at times there may be a waiting list. To find out more information regarding availability or prices please call: 01373 228121 or 

Email: with your name,  the best number to contact you on and any information as to what level of swimming you maybe currently working at.

Or just visit the 'CONTACT' page and enter the same details, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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