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Have you ever swum a length of Front crawl and felt like your lungs are tight or body not able to breathe - or - just don’t breathe and focus on getting from one end of the pool to the other - or - even still are scared of putting your face in the water?


Most adults can either not swim at all or whilst they swim can not put their head in the water or breath. This common type of swimming is known as survival swimming and for many is the only relationship that they have experienced with water and swimming.


The problem that we now have is that this is how people swim and the truth being that it will not save lives, nor be about enjoying the water and enabling the water to support the body through movement.


Swimming in its true movement should not be an activity where we struggle to breathe but more one that is an exercise that supports the body and swimming. It is about knowing how to create a state of being that doesn’t use the nervous system to move, and is not in a constant tension.


Creative Aquatic runs a specialised two day workshop is for anyone ranging from those who have a fear of water to, those who struggle to breathe or, through to those who aren’t able to do front crawl and put their face in the water.


The Foundational component is to lay down the True Science of Swimming. To establish an initial platform for adults in developing a lived understanding of what swimming is and, the importance of how movement in the water has an impact on them in and out of the water. 


If you would like more information regarding upcoming workshops or would like the workshop at a pool at your location please call: 01373 228121 or Email: with your name, your name, the best number to contact you on and any information.

Or just visit the 'CONTACT' page and enter the same details, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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