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Lessons run for roughly 10-14 weeks with classes 7 days a week. All classes are 30 minutes and are taught by one of Creative Aquatic’s 5 fully trained, highly experienced swimming instructors.


Class sizes will vary dependent on the ability of the class. All preschool classes are 2 to 1 ratio with beginners to stage 3 classes having no more than 6 children in a class.


Through our experience Creative Aquatic has found it is more beneficial for children to be in a smaller ratio class, so they feel completely safe and supported in the water, also allowing more freedom in the pool and still be closely supervised by the instructor.


As the stages advance, the number of children in each class gradually increases, and the children work more on technique and endurance. If your child has completed the ASA Swimming Stage 8, Creative Aquatic also offers more specialist classes for those wanting to continue their progression in swimming, such as Mini Water Polo, Rookie Lifeguard and Mini Squad.


The Creative Aquatic swimming lesson terms are as follows:

The Autumn Term: September – December

The Spring Term: End of January – April

The Summer Term: April – July

Aside from the end of December and January, Creative Aquatic run termly lessons every week of the year (including through half term holidays). The only other time the lesson schedule changes is in the Summer Holidays, where we ask every individual family which weeks they are able to attend lessons, and create times and spaces for your child when you are available.


If any bad weather arises or there is any reason for your child’s lesson to be cancelled, we will let you know as far in advance as possible.



*See ‘HOLIDAY OPTIONS‘ for our extra activities during the holiday weeks.


The following prices are for 30-minute swimming lessons, that run every week for 10-14 weeks. Creative Aquatic has a policy whereby if you have more than one child enrolled in group swimming lessons, there are discounts available:


  • Private - £21

  • 2-1 Private lessons - £11

  • Preschool 2-1 lessons - £11

  • 1st child Group lessons - £6

  • 2nd child Group lessons - £5

  • 3rd child Group lessons - £3

  • 4th child Group lessons - FREE


Creative Aquatic's Swim Scheme is very popular, therefore there is a waiting list for all of our classes.

Every term, as children already on our swim scheme advance through the stages, and as we are constantly expanding the business and creating new spaces in lessons, we offer the spaces available to those at the top of the waiting list that is currently swimming at the level.


To book your child onto the Waiting List: please call: 01373 228121

Email: with your name, your child's name, your child's age, the best number to contact you on and any information as to what level of swimming they are currently working at.

Or just visit the 'CONTACT' page and enter the same details, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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