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School Programs

The Learn to Swim program provides swimming lessons for students from beginner to advanced levels. Creative Aquatic being a unique and specialised swim school focuses on the finer details of each child's development. Our focus on technique within classes means children are taught over shorter distances to ensure skills are executed with precision. We assess children based on their ability to perform strokes correctly, rather than on the distance they swim, placing them in the level best suited to their ability. 

This program also includes a swim safer day to educate students on water awareness and rescue skills in a variety of aquatic environments. We also offer games in each lesson encourage children to enjoy the water while putting their newly learnt swimming skills into practice. Our entire focus being on building confidence, having fun and learning a skill for life.

What Schools say:

School 1 - Deputy Head Teacher

Pupils from our school have been accessing swimming at Creative Aquatic over the last four years. These swimming lessons have become a valuable part of the provision and curriculum for pupils at weekly.

The pool is well set up to cater for pupils with additional needs and the team are extremely supportive and flexible when considering alterations that may need to be made for individuals.

The swimming teachers plan for each individual pupil and support learning objectives with fun and engaging activities that really motivate our learners. They are able to deliver lessons for a wide range of abilities

which means that whether pupils are developing their water confidence or learning to dive they all make progress.

School 2 - PE Coordinator 

Our school has been fortunate enough to be involved in a pilot project run by Creative Aquatic over the last year. 


This involves amongst other things, all children swimming on a weekly basis with highly trained staff. After a year I have been astonished by the progress ALL children have made. Simone and her staff have a unique way of teaching the children; all staff teach in the pool, they start the session talking to the children asking them how they are, this calm start has even the most reluctant swimmers feeling relaxed. Simone believes in teaching through play and an enormous amount of toys litter the poolside! 

After the first term of our ‘new’ swimming lessons the general attitude towards swimming changed dramatically; the children were relaxed and extremely enthusiastic, they started assessing their own progress and delighted in telling others what they were now achieving. By the end of the first year all children could swim. 


Package 1

Swimming Lessons to School Children £2 per child per lesson


- Teachers in the water

- Assessments throughout every lesson rather than assessment week

- Trophies at end of year for swimming improvements

- Termly reports individually written for schools to issue to parents for school reports

- Certificates throughout the year on achievements

Package 2

Teacher Training - £50 each

Beginners and foundation


2 hour interactive and hands on training into foundational development of swimming, understanding the keys to being able to build confidence in the water for both adults and students.


2 hour interactive session to explore and experience how to teach children to swim beyond the foundations. Looking into front crawl and backstroke to see how to teach children through fun and simplicity. 

Package 3

Water Safety School Workshops - POA


Presentations and workshops in schools to teach children how to be more safe in and around the water.

School 1


- Came to Creative Aquatic September 2013 with 56 children ranging from reception to year 4 

- School had previously been having swimming lessons each year the local leisure centre 

- Out of 56 - 13 children could paddle for 25 metres 

- Out of 56 - 5 children could swim a recognised stroke for 25metres

- Out of 56 - 3 children could swim 100 metres

- 23 children were not confident or comfortable putting their face into the water

AFTER 10 months of Lessons

- Lessons from September till December followed by February through to July

- Every child had been awarded water confidence

- 96% of whole school can swim a minimum of 10 metres (including reception children)

- 36 children can swim 25 metres of 2 recognised strokes

- All of year 3/4 children can swim a minimum of 25metres

- All of year 4 children can swim over 100metres of a recognised stroke

Case Studies

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